Monday, August 30, 2010


I'm on Twitter all the time, and that's because I'm addicted and I can't help myself. Of course I didn't mention the real reason behind it: I don't have a life.
It's the truth I sometimes deny it. There's nothing wrong with that. See people who use social media excessively, like me, are two kinds of people.
They either have a life, usually going out, have lots of friends, and they use social media to share with the world their life. Or they have no life and they use social media to stalk those who have a life. No need to say I'm of the latter type, but you already know that.

What am I supposed to do but pray?
Let's pray for a better life, and seek it. :]


هَالـة said...

ammm i always discover something in your blogs !
I did not Understood how come that you don't have a life !
BTW I'm addicted by internet like you but I think in my case using internet lot didn't but me a Secluded person !
so really dear you have to build your real life with people .. participating with people in social media wont help you in your real life!

good luck ^^

Ruqaiya said...

I feel you!This 7ala that you're in is what I call "post-high school blues". I used to go on chatrooms and make up characters for myself,or I'd be on VOY forums 24-7 constantly refreshing the page in the hope that someone would post something new. But theres hope! It WILL pass once you have our hands full with college.xoxo

Mohammad said...

There are a lot you can do after you pray. Think hard and think free and you'll get there :)

Noor said...

@Hala thanks for ur comment, it's easier said than done, it's really hard when u stay at home all the time. but i'll try harder inshallah!!

@Rux well, i guess ur right i'll be waiting for that day!!

@marooned true, but when one is in their comfort zone it's hard to actually do stuff but thank u for the comment!