Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello World*

It's been ages since I posted some blabberings here so I thought I'd do it tonight. I can't complain much, I've been reading good stuff lately. Only now I'm reading something very light for John Grisham, Bleachers. Too many books waiting to be read!!

Anyhow, I thought it's be nice to talk about what I like and what I don't, over the previous posts I've definitely talked about them, but it's been a while, and my readers don't mind, now do you?!
So I like: books, writing for English class, hanging out with friends at the school yard, bright colors, good Arabic literature, noodles, post-it, Labello, Josh Groban, Harry Potter, going green, activism, my online friends, optimism, high heels!, funny ads, learning languages, Istanbul, singing out loud,.

I don't like: waking up feeling sleep-deprived, sound of chewing, sports, really hot weather, people with an air, insects, acne, coffee, not being able to help, being upset for no reason, not being heard, not knowing what to say (doesn't happen that often, since I'm talkative but it's annoying when it does happen), being misunderstood, strong smells.

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Post title: Come Home - One Republic "Hello world, hope you're listening, forgive me if I'm young, for speaking out of turn...." <3


Unknown said...

HIGH FIVE to not liking sports :D :D
But I basically don't like Soccer, the rest are okay with me.

I like noodles too, just not the Egyptian one =/


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