Thursday, March 5, 2009

School Creativity

I promised Ash to show him the master piece I was working on about 2 weeks ago, I'm sorry for posting it late but here it is. It's for school, my teacher asked me to do a cover for a file for our class, she needed it to be "creative". She didn't even say 'Good job' or anything when she saw it, and she had us working the weekend on it. Anyways, doesn't matter what she thinks! I like it.... :D
So there you go. ;)


Unknown said...

Oooh it's very pretty habibti! I wish I could be that creative with handcrafts! :)

Ashok said...

Man that thread had so many colours and the arabic script looks so amazingly beautiful. Your teacher's mighty cold for not appreciating the obviously great master piece :) Keep up the good work kiddo

And thanks a ton for your comments, really appreciate it :)