Saturday, December 3, 2011

HBBC: Supernatural Powers

This week's topic is Engi Amin's Choice. Meet the rest of the HBBC members here.

I always dreamed of my own super powers. We all did, I'm sure. Flying was on the top of the list for quite a while. One hand in front, a determined look and a place that needed me. Spend time hanging up there, fly along migrating birds and touch the clouds. I always wondered what clouds felt like. Would they feel like cotton candy? Would they melt in my hands? Do you ever wonder about clouds? Why don't they put up a special window in the airplane where you could reach out and touch them yourself? WHY?!
If you think about it more deeply I'd need more than the flying super power to actually survive the flying experience. Oxygen levels are low up there, not to mention the freezing atmosphere. I'm probably disheartening myself... I would love to fly, though. the freedom of not being so pulled towards the earth, defying gravity. The joy of seeing anyone I wanted anytime I felt like it. Perhaps even look at the earth from afar, watch how it kept spinning around itself.

If flying doesn't work out, I can't seem to get better at driving anyway so how about flying, there's a second super power I'd love to have. Reading people's minds. In all honesty, the thoughts that cross my mind do surprise me sometimes. It would definitely be not cool if people found out about them. The silliness, seriousness, randomness, weirdness, and not to mention weirdness. They'll definitely think I have some sort of OCD, which let's face it, I totally do. So why would I want to hear people's thoughts but refuse for them to read mine? Besides having double standards, I just want to get the raw version of things. Emotions, thoughts, words that flew across their mind randomly, moments that played inside their head continuously.
Here's a serious thought though, should we judge others on the thoughts that they have? I always wondered. See, some of the thoughts you had no control whatsoever over. They just came to you, you could say that's your subconscious telling you what you really thought but then again, it wasn't true all the time. Was it?

Perhaps, when I could read their thoughts I'd reassure them of some of the misconceptions they had about themselves and about others. I'd tell them I understood what they were going through. I guess what we really crave for is understanding. If you could grant that to only one lost soul, how wonderful! Would it be too heavy of a burden though? I can't seem to handle my own thoughts most of the time. Just for one day, would I be surprised to the compassion and love and feel a deeper sense of belonging or would I be surprised by the hate and evil? Who knows. You must take your chances. I'm willing to take mine. See, I read too much into things. I want to be able to know what people are thinking of. End of story.

One last thing, I'm just a boring human with no superpowers... Go to the next person, perhaps they have something to wow you with. I'll just continue being... me!

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Aya adel said...

Wow No u are not normal being, you do have super power making ppl loving you keda, And writing the things that impressed anyone, believe me It is not normal, not anyone can do that, I know that i can't!
Flying and reading ppl minds awesome, u seems creative :D