Friday, May 6, 2011

Must Resist

I am reading. Seriously reading, because I've been getting books from friends which has been a complete joy. I am now proudly sharing my books with friends who appreciate reading. I am really ecstatic about that! I got more than a dozen short books from my college friend who reads mostly Arabic non-fiction. I love that I'm expanding my horizons. I haven't given her as many, because I have tonnes of books here unread and I don't feel comfortable about lending books I haven't read, you know? It doesn't feel right. I must be the one who reads them first, or second if Huda reads them first. However, I've given her a book which only I've read and Huda hasn't. That is sort of mean right? Huda didn't complain though, out loud that is so I'm off the hook.

I had a long conversation about books with another college friend who read English books, that was such a happy moment for me. We read a few books in common, she told me about books she's read and I told her about some she doesn't know about. I lent her The Diary of A Young Girl - Anne Frank, she's read the abridged version.

Yesterday I received 7 books from my friend Ruqaiya. I was on cloud 9, most of them I awfully wanted to read and one of them Huda and I saw yesterday before we got the books and we thought it might be interesting so when we saw that she gave us a copy was sort of like fate!!! :D

Now, I have 2 exams next week... One I'm concerned about since I've only finished half the portion, and I honestly didn't study it well. I am afraid of the fact that I'm not that nervous about them. I simply want to leave the handouts aside and start reading. A couple of days ago I did it, read a chapter while I was studying, it felt awesome but then I felt guilty for an act that could easily develop into a habit since I study on my bed and the book I'm reading is so close, too close...

I need a break, one I'll not get properly until August. August is too far away. I need a month NOW to devour books in. All those books staring me in the face, tempting me, luring me to read them yet I resist. I focus on the subject I'm studying, disheartedly thinking it'll be a while before I can read at leisure.

Yours in distress,


Unknown said...

I looove your passion for books!! :D I was just reading a book for Mustafa Mahmoud called "حوار مع صديقي الملحد" and I can't resist it either :D so I know what you mean!
just be careful, make a schedule and organize the time for studying and the time for reading; don't let both clash with each other because it can be really annoying =/

Good luck with exams babe, and keep that passion of yours for it inspires me <3

Ruqaiya said...

I was so happy when you called. And was even happier about sending "Born Under a Million Shadows"It's a great read!

I'm finding the task of finding time to read so difficult. I happen to have a lot of free time to do so whilst at work , however it's usually so noisy I have literally use ear plugs to read even a news article!

I've started read non-fiction too lately, I'm reading The Masque of Africa right now and it's really very nice.I'll send it across during the next instalment of our book swap.


Maryam said...

I know what you're goin through. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels so. But here's a trick that worked with me many times before: Read before bedtime. Asses your whole day for studying and only read at bedtime. It helps a lot, that way, you're not wasting any of your time but actually spending that amount of time in reading instead of 'trying' to sleep as by then, your eyes would be too tired and starts shutting down it self.

Windswept Dreams said...

I'd be the worst person ever to attempt to give you any sort of advice on how to put that book aside and focus on your studies as I'm guilty of the same crime!

Enjoy your books and revel in them <3

Noor said...

@Knee yeah don't worry I've gotten good at not letting books be too tempting, that's how I survive at college. :D
Do put up a new book review soon!!

@Rux thanks so much again for the books, it's so exciting getting books you know they'll be awesome cuz you have one awesome taste!

@Kitten that's the only time I must absolutely read in. i can't go to sleep without reading, i was talking about reading in the day time which something i do on holidays only, :)

@Noor thanks a bunch love. i wish i could read more!