Saturday, May 21, 2011


"But, poor thing, she's not pretty."
They say that as if it's something you can control, they pity you, then say but she's a nice person. Of course it's not like that makes up for the beauty you'll never have. You see, you have to have a fair complexion, pretty features, colored eyes (see they won't discriminate there preferring green to blue), then you'll be pretty and they can move on from that fact.
They will mention the fact that you're not pretty every time you are mentioned in the talk. I start thinking, yes I got the point they're not pretty but that's not what we're talking about. Sometimes I try to argue, because I really like the person they're commenting on, saying she's not that ugly people. Of course, they would say that they didn't say she was ugly. She just wasn't pretty and then say what is it specifically that makes her so.

I really hate that. How narrow-minded, everyone can't be pretty. That's not the point. What about inner beauty? Can you comment instead on what a nice person they are? Can you mention that fact instead of commenting on their outer look which they had no hand in. And the funny thing is, people don't realize that they do it.
I don't feel like going into details of this, it really upsets me and I don't want to hate on people who do it here. How can you change people around you though? I'm not good with confrontations, but sometimes I can't help saying what's exactly on my mind about what people do, then they're upset, you've done them wrong, you're relieved you got it out but then you think was it worth it?
I urge you to celebrate your inner beauty, don't let people get you down and remember what's inside of you is way more important the outside AND you're beautiful in your own way...



Anonymous said...

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Yes some societies put too much weight on physical beauty that is something one can not control, one inherits it. It is better to focus on the inner beauty/personality because it lasts forever, when you're stooped, wrinkled, gray haired and Cerelic dripping from your mouth.

Mariam said...

The problem (most of the time) is, comparing that person to "hollywood" beauty! Who sets the standards? Of course.. the media does!! And if the media says "this and that" makes a person beautiful, then that is how people will judge beauty on!! This is just one other point that I wanted to add :)