Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My hands smell of garlic, because we made pasta today which my family thought a bit tasteless but agreed on the end it was "delicious" because we cooked them dinner and they finished it. It's nice to cook. I cook with my sister but I usually give myself all the credit because I'm mean and selfish like that sometimes without knowing why. I think it tasted great. Beware, a chef in the making!! Yeah right!

Today was sort of dreary. We got our results from college which were beyond anything we would have expected. I know I'm bragging, but I own bragging rights for how scared I was of flunking biology. This sort of happiness doesn't last long, you're left with a very satisfying sense of gratitude though. I got upset because our holiday has been spent mostly at home, when all we would have liked is to have gone on an outing somewhere. We didn't even go watch a movie at the cinema, our last being Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. How sad I know. It's just that sometimes we wait for others to make things happen for us, and we realize it very late that we have to make things happen for ourselves. No complains though because we've been watching some pretty decent movies. The last being The King's Speech which was bloody brilliant.

Reading wise, I'm on my 3rd book this holiday so that's a major accomplishment. Though my reads have not been so entertaining to be honest. Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol was good but I'm craving a good classic!! I'll pick up something soon and if it's not satisfactory then I'll re-read one of the classics I love. (Sounds like a perfect plan to me!)

Here's to being yourself, throwing tantrums at the silliest things and not knowing what to say in so many moments. Not saying it's good, but if it's part of who I am then it's good for me!


Unknown said...

I <3 that you write about yourself :D I can always catch up with you in your blog, ahah!

هَالـة said...

last night I was just thinking of Pasta !
it seems you cook well ^^ !

at least you,ve read something at this holiday !!