Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"I know!"

I am so frustrated with Arabs that I simply have to write about it. By Arabs I'm talking about different kinds of Arabs and here are a few:

Song writers: I don't know why lyrics are getting not only so cliched but even so silly and sometimes downright... I can't find the word for it, you can't listen to them without thinking that they seriously think people listen to a song without understanding what it says. This has got to do with every one in the music industry, but I really feel sorry for their talent which is going to waste.

Teenagers: Who listen to songs with really shameful meaning, thinking it's so cool. It's not, and if you actually took time to listen to the song you'd never listen to it again.
You're not supposed to talk English to each other, it's ok to talk Arabic. I hate that I almost let myself become one of those but I am trying harder to talk Arabic, I won't talk English anymore just because it's easier and it might make me look cooler. I don't need that. English isn't cool, we should do more of an effort to feel proud of our language.

TV shows (Anyone working in those shows): Can you please come up with interesting shows that are watchable and don't make a person want to bang their head on a wall? It's just outrageous. Just when we all thought real TV was out for good from here, it came back strong with a show about a "so-called" famous couple following their regular day-to-day life. First off, hardly anybody has ever heard of them, second it's so fake you can feel it.
Then this show I really hate, which I've never watched except maybe an hour of, just to see what it was about. The show is about celebrities' dreams and they make them come true. Could we be more superficial, material and unfeeling? I have no idea how come nobody ever cares about making a regular person's wishes come true!!! Those celebrities can make their own dreams come true, are we supposed to watch the show feeling happy for them because a "childhood" dream of theirs came true?
Can we have a show that gives? Simply gives to people, and I don't mean another contest show. I don't mind those, but how about giving to people who deserve it. I remember one time a show was trying to make a difference. A girl in Egypt worked selling things in streets, she was very young around 13 to 14. One of the show presenters went and gave her a makeover to make her feel better about herself. Wow! That's bound to make her life better, it's all about how you look. If you look pretty then there you go, you're future is secure. One outfit, she'll outgrow it soon, and she can hardly wear it everyday... Was that their best idea for the girl? It is so frustrating!!

I don't want to spread hate, I'm not I am just upset at hoe things are. How we are presented with things beneath us yet we are accepting them and beginning to like them. Can we rise above some things? Can we feel proud for who we are?
I would like to make a request of Arabs around me: You know you're not the only one living in this world, there are a lot of unprivileged people who need help and at least your sympathy. Can you listen to their problems, and try to understand without jumping down their throat with an attitude that says 'I have it worse!' Can you gain back your trust in people? Will you stop telling me all the things wrong with us Arabs and instead do something that shows me you're not like the rest and there's hope? Can you, I am trying. I am. And I'm not saying that to point the finger and sit back putting all the blame on everyone else. However, I'll stop. I just need people to stop listening to people explaining how they understand my frustration over Arabs and the fact that they feel it too, I need to see them trying to change that. If they don't, it just says they don't even care to change it.

So, please. Try.

PS1: Please excuse the grammar mistakes, I wrote it when I was frustrated.


Mariam said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I want to say that I totally agree with this post.

Sometimes I feel that arabic lyrics are lame on purpose, that it is intended..
Honestly, look at how teenagers think these days and the language they use.
It's all part of the plan to create a superficial, lame generation! Think about it! It's the only explanation!!

Noor said...

@Mariam Thanks a lot for your comment.
You have a point actually, it could be a part of some plan.
But still it's our own doing, we accept these songs and make them popular. This should change!

Mariam said...

I actually just wrote a post about this!! People can't change, because they're afraid of changing!! They love living inside their little cozy box where someone, somewhere is telling them what to do, how to dress, what music to listen to, who's the new cool "super star" to look up to.. etc.
It's actually quite scary.