Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Colours of life

Exams ended. They were bound to end at some point, but it seemed so far yet it ended quicker than expected. I don't think that makes any sense.
I don't wish to dwell on the exams themselves, they went well thank God. I have so many Summer plans that if I get half of them done, I'd be very happy.

Anyways, I have so much to say! First today we went to buy books! Not just any books. There's this charity that sells used books. These books are donated. So you get them by such a cheap price. You can buy 3 for 1 Rial (1 Rial is about 2.5 $), so we got 6 books. They were mostly English books I didn't know, but there were some nice ones.
Yesterday I counted the books I have unread, and they were about 43. I was amazed, I didn't think they were so many but this makes me even more motivated to read and read!
Today we did some shopping as well. It's been so long since I shopped, and there tons of things I need to get but I am in no hurry. This feeling of having time is just very foreign at this moment, but I am getting used to it.
Time has to be spent wisely, our room needs major tidying up. Papers are all over the place, and we have people waiting to get our papers and notebooks for next year that I already feel sorry for them. It's such a trial, and I just think it shouldn't be like that!
I'm trying to catch up with everyone right now, but again- there's time. It's just that I can't shake off the feeling that things have to be done now. Like finishing this post, which has been building up in my head for a while. I'm surprised to find myself no longer thinking in terms of posts, tweets or status updates. Have you experienced that? It's just wrong for these social networking sites to make us so, and very wrong of us to go with the flow.
So let the Summer begin for I am ready for it.
I will leave you now to change my nail polish from blue, to black! As I said, I miss doing these little things to myself! Like read because I want to, not because I have to.
Expect more posts coming up.


Unknown said...

Noor Noor Noor I MISSED YOU!!!
I missed reading your blog, I missed everything!
I hope all is well with you (:
Congrats on the vacation sweetheart, I bet you're excited to do tons of things, have fun ;)
43 books WHOA!!!! That's freaking too many! :D :D I can't wait to read your review..YAAAAYYY!!! ^__^

Hey, I didn't tell you that I'm working as a volunteer now in a yet-to-be-published magazine. I'll show you everything when it's published insha'allah (: and yes, I know I still didn't finish exams, but what the heck! :D

love you!
Keep posting <3

Unknown said...

Oh I forgot to mention the LOVE I have for the new template ;)

Unknown said...

YAAAAY more posts! And you're done with exams, double yaaay!

There is time :) There's always time.

Hope to find u online soon, I read your FB wall post, thanks so much!

All my <3

Mohammad said...

Congrats dear :) and oh, I'm so glad u like Middlemarch :)

Only 43 unread books? lucky u!

Noor said...

thanks love. glad 2 know i've been missed. u still hv exams?! best of luck.
and how cool about the magazine. that must be fuuuun! will wait to hear all about it, and really looking forward to see it :D madam ur in, y3ni akeed tkoon amazing!
will be writing many reviews inshallah :)

@Vic really waiting 2 talk 2 u lovely!

@marooned thanks. Middlemarch is going fab! i didnt think i'd love it so much, but the characters are.... beyond amazing. and the story is superb!!
and i know compared to u, 40 is nothing :P

Rohit said...

Ok I cam here to comment and now I forgot what the post was about! I am growing old So after re-reading it, yay congos for doing away with your exams! Hope you have a great summer...and don't eat so many books that quick, they might give you an indigestion :P