Friday, October 16, 2009


I need time off all of this. This is not a complaint, I simply need sometime to reflect, and to ponder over things. I lack this lately. School is busy as usual, but it's from the first few days that we all noticed how super hectic this year is going to be. I have come to terms with it since it's my last year. However, I lack the time to read, which has been a bit disheartening since it's my let-out. I also need time to simply sit, do nothing, ponder over a thousand things without the guilt that this time should be spent studying.

*Just like posting this makes me feel guilty I'm online while I should have something to do, so I'm off to do something for school.*

Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts: It's only for about 10 more months. :D


Unknown said...

Oooh that reminds me of my last year at high school, too (that's the year we met, yay!)
I think I get how you're feeling, but indeed: happy thoughts! Enjoy the moment, smell the flowers, set aside half an hour each day for yourself and smile :) 'Cos the present is all we've got (I know, I should listen to my own advice more often, haha!)

<3 & :)'s for you Noory!

sheeza said...

you are right school time is really so busy. actually as we grow our life became busy day by day with new and more tasks.

nice i like your way of writing.

Unknown said...

BABE! my god..I miss you sooo much!
I'm so sorry haven't been around either..I hope school is good with you :)
HEY..if you feel like adding me on facebook here's my email:
You can just search and you'll find me there. Tell Huda as well please .
Happy Adha Eid sweetie. Enjoy the vacation <3 <3