Friday, April 11, 2008

Creativity can bloom in my room

Well, this is the out come of my creativity tonight. I was doing the Islaimic Studies project and I had scraps of paper scattered on my bed, so when I was done with the work I had in my hands, I thought I'd make something of these coloured papers, instead of throwing all of them away.
And there goes this character.
I like it
I even sticked it on my file, the one I put some of my books in to carry, because if I put them all in my backpack, my back will suffer from serious back pain.
Sorry that the picture isn't so clear, it was the best that I could do, since it's late and I'm too lazy to try and take a better one.


Deathartist said...

nice work ! , the title attracted me !

Noor said...

Thank u, Death Artist. :)

Waed S. said...

This dude looks awesome amiga :D

Alas ! I lived to see the day in which noor is gonna do some arts !!!

Unknown said...


Haha joking, I love it, it is incredibly creative! It's good to see you practicing the plastic arts, amiga :P Lots of smiles for you!*

Unknown said...

And I do not know why I keep on forgetting, but here it is: I love the title of your blog, "Spreading my wings" :)*