Tuesday, September 2, 2014


One of the many failed bookmarks I once attempted. I didn't make them because I felt creative or wanted to be crafty. I did it because I loved bookmarks and you just can't have enough. It was also because I wanted to gift them to people I loved so they could think of me whenever they used them. The point is you might not be good at something but that's never a reason not to try it or do it no matter how bad you think you are. The world needs people who are good at things true, but it also needs people who do things with passion.

I hope you know where your passion lies and that you can follow it. Mine isn't bookmarks, but I'm sure it's there.


Unknown said...

I've also been thinking about passions and academics, and frankly, I know I'm just finishing my degree because it's what's expected of me and also because, once I finish my masters in translation, I'll earn money to pay off my debts and save for what I really want to do: something between illustration and creative writing. I'll keep you posted, habibti! And this bookmark looks so pretty! Keep on looking for the things that bring you peace :))

Noor said...

@ Victoria: I loved that u know what u want and you have a plan on how to get there (even though it's not a concrete plan but it's still something) and I love your illustrations, they're so beautiful! :D
I can see them on mugs/t-shirts/etc. I agree, I will keep your advice in mind. Thank you for saying it's a pretty bookmark! <3 I love you and your spirit!