Sunday, April 27, 2014

Counting stars

I saw stars in the sky tonight, it’s a little thing that makes me happy. They’re always there though, whether we see them or not.

I remember being told not to count stars when I was a kid. They’d say we’d get ugly pimples on our face if we counted stars, which is really weird. I wonder where that superstition came from. I remember catching myself counting them, while we were sleeping on the roof and I’d close my eyes and force myself to stop, afraid of their warnings. It’s amazing what they can get us to believe as kids.


Salima said...

Is that why I get pimples every now and then? Hmm

Noor said...

I think so, :p
now you know the cure.

Unknown said...
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Noor said...

Yes it is, an unlimited view to the sky while you're trying to sleep. It makes you realize your insignificance. I miss that.

Interesting superstitions, specially #2, maybe it was just a way to get you to shower?

sheeshany said...

"stars r there whether u see them or not"
that line got me thinking!

Our parents were really convincing I guess, I second Sukrut on his #1, the explanation was slightly different though, got to do with Jinn in a well that seeks nails at night! lol

I wonder what r we going to tell our kids! "no honey, if you hack into yr dads PC u will not be able to inter the wifi password for a month no matter how hard u try!" :P

Noor said...

hahaha, i imagine that would be a powerful. but the problem is having kids believe what you're threatening them with.

sheeshany said...

We genuinely believed ANYTHING! Now kids would google anything u say and make a counter argument! :P

Noor said...

hahahaha exactly, knowledge is power.