Sunday, September 16, 2012

Midnight Thoughts: Of Cheese, McEwan and other unrelated things

Let me tell you about a time during the night when there's a heaviness in your stomach, in your gut. You wonder if it's the cheese you've eaten a couple of hours before fully knowing cheese isn't a good idea at night. You should know better, in a few years you'll be a "doctor" and doctors should know better. Anyway, it was once in a while kind of thing not the end of the world, you tell yourself wanting to figure out what's weighing you down.

So you go back to the heaviness in your gut. You let one more hour pass and decide maybe the cheese is only a contributing factor. There are other things. For instance, your indecisiveness. How you don't take a stand for yourself and tell those around you "this is me and this is how I'm going to be", and believe me with enough assertiveness they'll accept it and won't think you selfish in the least bit. At least I hope so.

Another issue could be the dead bodies you're dealing with 4 days a week. Now I'm sure they're doing us a great favour yet when you're staring at the body, at whatever exposed of part of him/her. You think in terms of muscles, this person used these muscles to get on his knees to propose to his wife (the dead bodies are American hence the Americanised thought) or perhaps he buried his own son with them. That's quite a dark unusual thought, my brain could have instead imagined the simple every day acts of "eating, drinking, sleeping, walking, etc." Yet that was my train of thought, one can't help it sometimes. There's also the spy novel you're reading, wishing an atheist author would adopt you (the thought which gets you a disapproving comment from your sister which you reply to saying you'll convert him or mutter that you'll probably get kicked out in a matter of a few hours that is if you were lucky enough to get in his house in the first place). Your thoughts are of course far-fetched but a reader can dream, exactly when this spy novel has an avid reader as a leading character. Maybe you were better off living in a hostel, smiling at strangers you'll share the place with and might get to know well with time than being adopted by an author. They say writers should only be read and not dealt with because that might ruin whatever thoughts you had of them in the first place. Who would want a childish 20 year old medical student worried that she had cheese at night when she knew better?
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Ruqaiya said...

You know McEwan married the editor of Financial Times... they fell in love after she interviewed him.
Perhaps you should become a journalist instead of a doctor.:p

I love how random this is yet you manage to connect the dots and produce something cohesive. There's that element of quirkiness from the cheese binge - i love how all the elements put together seem seamlessly effortless!

Rohit said...

More than anything you wrote in this post, the fact that you posted it from your Blackberry at 1.50am is what caught my attention the most! I wonder what kinda cheese you had that night =P

And blog more Newr!! Now that a lazy and procrastinating person like me can get back to blogging, then there is no excuse for super efficient people like yourself! (Feels good to nag you for a change.. =P)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, love your randomness. Now this might strike you as odd, but I am wondering how things are like as a medical student ... how long have you been studying ... don't the long hours of becoming a doctor frighten you? Just a curious nobody who's interested in medicine too.