Saturday, April 7, 2012

The tree that foresake me

Plant your roots deep in my garden. Make the shadow of your branches haunt my dreams, while the rustling of your leaves becomes my companion. Stand there like a 100 year old tree. Un-phased by the forever changing world. Let me sit beside your roots and read out loud; to you and you alone. You’ll never complain, never contradict me, always understand. I’ll belong somewhere, to that spot in my garden with a lovely humming bird that nestled guarding its eggs. I leave you only to have the pleasure of always finding you awaiting.

A tree was deaf with a painted understanding smile, and I was gullible… All I had to blame was myself, for the only thing that misled me was my imagination. My sense of belonging came tumbling to the ground the day they decided you were to be chopped down mercilessly. I beheld the world’s power on you, and I grew tall then. I think the world wants me to be what you were to me, and try as I might to reject its pleadings I know not the power of my will.

Dedicated to Nema; someone I can always count on.

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